Music Is My Life! …. I’m Back! :D

It’s good to be back online after 2 years. I hope that you all are doing great! Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Thereof, I’d like to thanks you all for visiting my blog. I don’t have much to say now, but I’ll update the blog often. …. See you all later! ^_^

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Sorry! I’ll try my best in updating it!!!

As you guys can see that I did not update this blog for almost a month already. There are some personal issue these days when I have two jobs now, so school is pretty busy these days for me. I love to update it, but my internet server is kind of slow for now …. I could not download anything these days …. hic hic ….!

Can you guys give me one more week?

One week for update my list ….. Thanks for your supports! I could not believe in my eyes that you guys still come and visit it so often …!!! Ok, I’ll talk to you guys later.

Have a good days!

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[Album] 꽃보다 남자 O.S.T (Boys Before Flowers OST)

Released January 8th, 2009

Wow, I love this movie a lot. It did not catch my attention at first, but it becomes more and more interesting ….. as it goes on and on …!!!! Wow! I love SS501 – I’m Stupid and Ashily – Lucky. When the OST goes into interesting and happy moments, SS501’s song makes it so lovely ….. Ashily’s song is so sad but match the OST pretty well …. crying sometime because ….  so touching.

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[Recommended] Untouchable Vol. 1 – Quiet Storm, R&B/Hip-Hop

—– Released January 9th, 2008 —-

Hip-Hop! Well, if you have heard the theme song of Hwayobi and Fany in We Get Married (a variety show), then you should have heard about the group Untouchable. I love their song with Hwayobi, and this album would not disappoint you, too. It extremely touches your music taste with different composing. This album has 13 songs and 10 of them are composing with other artists; track 4 and 11 with Hwayobi. Check it out! I like it a lot, and the title song Tell Me Why is pretty cool too.

  1. Quiet Storm
  2. Tell Me Why (Feat. 화영)
  3. Driving Me Crazy (Feat. 화영)
  4. It’s Okay (Feat. 화요비)
  5. This Is Love
  6. 우리 그때처럼 (Feat. 화영)
  7. 비행 (Feat. 정현)
  8. Back Again (Feat. 화영)
  9. 다줄께 (Feat. 송지은)
  10. Only U (Feat. 샛별)
  11. 365일 (Feat. 화요비)
  12. Top Sweety
  13. 독약 (Feat. Outlaw & Mellow)

Download album => MegauploadMediafire


[Vol. 7] Baek Ji Young – Sensibility


Hi! I was hoping if you could upload Baek Ji Young’s latest album, which i think is Sensibility.. If you can, then thanks in advance! *****

I thought that I post it already, but it seems like I am wrong …. sorry! This album is such a great album to hear, if you like ballad. She comes back with so much energy and emotional because her songs are always attracted listeners. She is one of my favorite female singer …. Good to hear from her!

01. GO!
02. 입술을 주고
03. 돌아와죠
04. 총 맞은 것처럼
05. 여자들만 아는 거짓말
06. 멜로디 (Feat. Mighty Mouth)
07. Sentimental City
08. Keep the Faith
09. 그대의 의자
10. 이리와
11. 밤새도록 (Feat. 2AM)

Download full albums => Megaupload —- Mediafire


[Full Mini Album] Girls’ Generation – Gee, Pop

—– January 7th, 2009 —–

Order this album online at Yesasia.
Wow! I’m in love with the title song already. Only a few days away from the actual album is out for the market. I have only one song from this album. I think this is with a better quality than the previous post. I’ll post the rest of the album on Wednesday, Jan. 7th; as soon as the album is out. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album.
  1. Gee — MediafireMegaupload
  2. 힘내!(Way to go)
  3. Dear. Mom
  4. Destiny
  5. 힘들어하는 연인들을 위해(Let’s talk about LOVE)

Download full album at =>Megaupload


SNSD – Gee => Oh, wow! They’re Coming Back

Wow! They’re coming back …. hmm … about the song, I don’t know what to say, but some people are really fast in uploading it on Youtube already. I honestly expect more than this; especially vocal. However, I still can’t wait for their comeback, since they are my favorite group. They’ll release their album in January 7th, and their first performance would be on the 9th. I’ll listen to it more because I’ll in love with it soon; just listen to it for only 4 times … ha ha …

Love you, SNSD! Oh, Yuri, Tiffany, and Tae Yeon … I miss you! ha ha …

For Download, this is what I found on the internet. Special thanks to whoever post it up!