[Single] Lee Seung Gi – Let’s Go On Vacation (1Night 2Days)

19 May

—–Released May 19, 2008—-

Wow, I still remember this song by Cho Yong Pil. I’m excited whevever I listen to this song….. wuh wuh wuh… Yeah….! Lee Seung Gi is so good. I just know that he was in accident during the shooting for this song MV, and he broke his finger… However, he said sorry to staff and had to go to hospital when he continued to have sharp pain. Therefore, he had to receive an surgery in Seoul immediately that night…. So sad! … He still smiled after all… Wow! Come on fans…. Let’s go and support our Seung Gi!

여행을 떠나요

—— This is the MV and information about his injury—-


3 responses to “[Single] Lee Seung Gi – Let’s Go On Vacation (1Night 2Days)

  1. dindunz

    05/20/2008 at 7:03 -05:00May didn’t shoot anything for this MV..they just compile the recaps of him from 1 night 2 days..^^..i really love his voice in this song..miss his old unique voice T_T

  2. dindunz

    05/20/2008 at 7:03 -05:00May

    oya..I think you should put the credit if you take someone’s vids..just wanna remind it..bcoz i think vanny and zdegreesnet should get credit for her vids^^

  3. hiepsinhemnhuoc

    05/20/2008 at 7:03 -05:00May

    Thanks for your suggestion! I would try to input credit for videos. I am new in making blog; therefore, i usually make mistakes. I will try my best in giving credits in the future.


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